My name is Sue Jennett, I’m Celiac and eat a strict Gluten Free diet.

I have a daughter who is also celiac, and I volunteer for our local Chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association.  I also owned and operated a gluten free bakery for more than 10 years. Since the bakery closed, I have begun my own gluten free baking show on our local cable channel. The segments are making their way to youtube, and I am being asked for advice on a gluten free diet and lifestyle.  You can check out my show website with information and recipes at http://www.suesglutenfreebakingathome.com.  I can be found on youtube by searching “suesglutenfreebaking“.

The intent of this blog is to share some of my knowledge and experiences with anyone interested in a gluten free diet.

Beginners to gluten free can often be overwhelmed.  I will try and present information in a format to help even the newest to gluten free.  Join me on my journey.  You can send me any questions or feedback on the Contact page.  Hopefully, I can make it easier for you. Let’s go through this together.

PS – If you’re new to the blog, it might be best to read the posts in date order, as I do start at the beginning.