What Everyone Should Know About the Gluten Free Diet

Imagine if everyone understood the gluten free diet and why we have to care about it so much.  We’ve come a long way over the past 10 years.  Every chance I get, I educate the newly diagnosed, their families, restaurant staff and food suppliers on gluten free and how we can eat safely.  Wouldn’t it be great if everyone started with a fundamental understanding of what the gluten free diet is?

5 Things Thumb

I get asked many questions about my diet on a regular basis, and although there are no dumb questions, there is quite a bit of misleading information about the gluten free diet in popular culture.   Not long ago, I spent time thinking about what I would like everyone to know about my diet.  There are many myths, but rather than dis-spell the endless list of myths, I decided to look at some facts, simple facts, but ones that put the gluten free diet in context, the context of my gluten free life.

Here is the list of information that I thought was essential for everyone to know about the gluten free diet, both for their own information, and the well-being of those eating gluten free.

  1. Who actually needs the diet?
  2. What happens when someone with celiac disease eats gluten?
  3. How much gluten causes a problem?
  4. How can anyone be sure they are eating a gluten free diet?
  5. If I have to prepare a meal for someone eating gluten free, what is the best strategy?

My next challenge was how to present the answers to these questions in an entertaining and memorable way.  Hopefully something you can share with others.  Video is my media of choice.  Gluten free is best illustrated visually, in no way to dumb it down, but to leave a lasting impression.  I do presentations in front of small groups on a regular basis, so I know the value of words, but illustration can be so much more powerful.  By “illustration”, I don’t mean drawings – I can’t draw.  How do I answer these questions in a visual way? 

Here’s what I created: https://youtu.be/BIhEwzZapjw

If you want to get the word out to the world, so more people are on the same page about the gluten free diet, please like and share this video.  If you have other thoughts that you’d like me to incorporate into the next – 5 More Things video, let me know. 

The Canadian Celiac Association is a leader in accurate information about the diet, so I often direct people to their website at www.celiac.ca.  Our gluten free lives have improved so much over the past years by educating food producers and those around us, let’s keep the education and awareness coming!